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Global Shorebird Counting

5–11 September 2018

Global Shorebird Counting
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This year we take steps to get more birdwatchers engaged with the Global Shorebird Counting and the World Shorebirds Day itself. As a start, our Ambassadors will try to reach local birders and involve more locations for the counts regardless of their importance. We created a simple PDF document containing all the information needed for getting familiar with this program. This document can easily be distributed to any potential participants who might be interested in supporting our cause. If you are not an ambassador, what is a very easy voluntary role, you can be one by registering yourself HERE

Since we launched the Global Shorebird Counting Program we aimed to reach and involve as many birdwatchers from different countries as possible in accordance with our mission. Without a doubt, Global Shorebird Counting progressed well over the years and by now it became a very popular program especially in counties where contribution to eBird is strong anyway. Language issues might play important role in not being able to reach birders in certain countries such as Russia, Poland, Turkey but we could list other countries like Germany, Austria and many Asian countries with surprisingly low participation.

All time records show a great contribution rate from most of the Americas with only a few countries is missing from the completion. States of the USA are well covered and only in a few states (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota and West Virginia) we have never been able to get engaged with birdwatchers to participate. Similarly in Europe participation is very weak in countries where eBird is not widely used and language barriers might be an issue. It would be a great challenge to get important countries involved along the Wadden Sea or the Spanish and French important sites for waders. The World Shorebirds Day Ambassadorship Progam might help in reaching out more birders on country, state or regional level. We will send out information to locals through our ambassadors and hopefully we can see differences in the number of submitted checklists.

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29th July 2018