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AR = Avifaunal Reserve

BR = Biosphere Reserve

BiR = Bird Reserve

BS = Bird Sanctuary

BG = Botanical Garden

CA = Conservation Area

CP = County Park

CvP = Conservation Park

EBA = Endemic Bird Area

ER = Ecological Reserve

FP = Forest Park

FR = Forest Reserve

GR = Game Reserve

IBA = Important Bird Area

IPP = Interprovincial Park

IR = Island Reserve

LNR = Local Nature Reserve

MBS = Migratory Bird Sanctuary

MFP = Mountain Forest Park

MIR = Mainland Island Reserve

MNM = Marine National Monument

MP = Marine Park

MWR = Migratory Waterfowl Refuge

NA = Natural Area

NAR = Natural Area Reserve

NBCA = National Biodiversity Conservation Area

NBS = National Bird Sanctuary

NC = Nature Center

NCA = National Conservation Area

NERR = National Esturine Research Reserve

NF = National Forest

NFP = National Forest Park

NMS = National Marine Sanctuary

NNR = National Nature Reserve

NP = National Park

NPa = Nature Park

NPR = National Park Preserve

NPr = Nature Preserve

NR = Nature Reserve

NRA = National Recreation Area

NRCA = Natural Resources Conservation Area

NS = Nature Sanctuary

NTGP = National Tallgrass Prairie

NWA = National Wildlife Area

NWR = National Wildlife Refuge

PA = Protected Area

PNR = Parc Naturel RĂ©gional (Regional Natural Park)

PP = Provincial Park

RCS = RAMSAR Convention Site

RNP = Regional Nature Park

RSPB = Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Reserve

SF = State Forest

SNR = Strict Nature Reserve

SeNR = State Nature Reserve

SP = State Park

SPA = Special Protection Area

SeR = Seabird Reserve

SR = State Reserve

SSS = State Seabird Sanctuary

SWA = State Wildlife Area

SWMA = State Wildlife Management Area

SWR = State Wildlife Refuge

SWS = State Wildlife Sanctuary

TP = Transfrontier Park

TR = Tiger Reserve

WA = Wildlife Area

WBR = World Biosphere Reserve

WII = Wetland of International Importance

WMA = Wildlife Management Area

WRw = Wildfowl Reserve

WRf = Wildlife Refuge

WRs = Wildlife Reserve

WP = Waterfowl Park

WiP = Wilderness Park

WiRv = Wilderness Reserve

WeRv = Wetland Reserve

WS = Wildlife Sanctuary

WeS = Wetland Sanctuary

WoS = Woodland Sanctuary

WWT = Wildfowl & Wetlands Reserve

Trip Reports


Trip Report Repository

CloudBirders was created by a group of Belgian world birding enthusiasts and went live on 21st of March 2013. They provide a large and growing database of birding trip reports, complemented with extensive search, voting and statistical features.