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Birding Apps

Apps are rapidly becoming more important than any other informational resource for birders in the field; replacing CDs, DVDs, Birding Software and even paper Fieldguides. All because of the rise of the mobile phone. Birders no longer need to carry a pager to get rarity alerts. They no longer need a laptop or even tablet to record sigjtings. Neither do they need a book to paw through to help them clinch ID and by the same token they do not need a microphone or recording device to play bird calls to help ID or lure birds to closer quarters. For anyone other than a serious photographer they do not even need to vcarry a camera as all this and more is replaced by a smart phone with its many functions available through an appropriate 'app'.

Shorthand for 'applications' apps are packets of software designed for their portability and ease of use whether it be to control your 'digiscoping' or make keeping lists easy. Their real triumph is to make the paper fieldguide almost redundant - or at least easy to leave at home or in the car as a smartphone weights mere grammes and can have dozens of different ID guides available at the touch of a screen.

These days there are the beginnings of a synthesis between apps and websites as more and places have internet coverage. Apps are sometimnes taps opening a more complex on-line experience.

So, whether you want to make lists, play recordings or comfirm your ID there's not just one, but many apps to help.

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