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Some of you have huge 'backyards' with trees and grass, ponds and streams, others [like me], a few square feet of paving; but we can all do something to help birds out by feeding them and providing nestboxes and habitat. Even I have room for pots with native plants bearing berries and an old shed I can nail a bird box to. I have half a dozen feeders with food for many different species. Our yards and gardens are an increasingly important resource to birds in the days of chemical farming and over urbanisation.

Ambitious birding gardeners might also want to share their good luck or good planning by installing a webcam pointed at their busy bird table or even inside a nestbox. There are times for all of us when we can't get out into the field to indulge in our hobby, but if we can see out of a windown on to a patch of our own we need never suffer withrawal symptoms!

I cannot endorse all the products listed in the links below - but am always happy to review anything to inform fatbirder surfers.

Useful Information

99 Birdhouses

My name is Marcus and I thought I would share my birdhouse building adventures with you. I enjoy building birdhouses and bird watching in my spare time. Some of the birdhouses I build are very simple while others are very complicated…

Ask The Birder

"A service of 'The Bird Feeders Society' - helping birds and birders since 1976…

Bird Feeder Hygiene

Bird feeding adds so much to our enjoyment of nature as it draws these little feathered friends into the human environment where they can be observed at close proximity. There are certain responsibilities, however, which come with this privilege, in order to protect the health of our guests.

Birdhouse BLOG

Welcome to the Bird House Blog: BirdLandlord.com. I’m the Bird Landlord and I’ll be guiding you through ups, downs, ins and outs of buying bird houses, owning a bird house, and caring for your bird house…

DIY Nestboxes & Feeders etc.

See the instructions above

How To Clean Your Bird Table Or Feeder

If you don't care for the bird table properly, it can actually do more harm than good!

The Ultimate Guide To Nest Boxes

...a comprehensive article for UK birders

Other Links

Bird Baths - Tills Innovations


Our bird baths are unique in design, using carved stone and traditional or contemporary stands or pedestals giving the authenticity that others strive for. The bird bath tops and pedestals are interchangeable to suit your needs and can be specifically designed for your environment. For those that want an all stone birdbath, this is the one for you. Due to the properties of the stone, these will age beautifully compared to their concrete counterparts…

Bird Houses - GreenBird


Greenbird™ is a company dedicated to helping nature fight back. We are designers and purveyors of earth friendly products. Our wild bird friends naturally control insect pests in our farmland, gardens and yards. Certain birds also aid in the pollenization of plants which may become ever more critical with the country’s loss of honeybees… Totally Green Paper Birdhouses…

Bird Houses - The Birdhouse Chick


Unique bird houses, wild bird feeders, hummingbird feeders at thebirdhousechick.com, awaits a fabulous array of hand made, unique bird houses and wild bird feeders you won't find on other sites!

Bird Supply General Stores - A Birds Home


Our Commitment: We are a family-owned and operated business that developed out of a love of wildlife and our natural environment. With habitat encroachment as a cruel reality of our ever-changing world, providing nesting sites and feeders for a variety of birds and other flying animals can contribute to the security and protection of many species…

Bird Supply General Stores - Backyard Chirper


Backyard Chirper is an online retailer offering one of the largest selections of bird feeder and bird house products on the web. Whether you’re looking for a hopper feeder, a hummingbird feeder or a birdbath, we have the bird feeder products and accessories you need…

Bird Supply General Stores - Bird Goods


Birdhouses and Everything for the Backyard Birder.

Bird Supply General Stores - Birding Depot


Whether you're watching birds in your yard or planning a bird watching vacation, Birding Depot has everything you need to attract and view wild birds. We carry a large variety of bird feeders, houses, and baths for backyard birders. In addition, we have an extensive line of optics, binoculars, and field guides for bird identification. Biriding Depot is family run business located in California…

Bird Supply General Stores - Garden Bird


Food, feeders etc…

Bird Supply General Stores - Garden Nature


Gardenature is Europes No 1 manufacturer and supplier of high quality products designed specifically for watching all forms of wildlife, whether it is in the domestic garden, out in the wild, or any other natural habitat. ..

Bird Supply General Stores - Nature Station


Nature Station is a UK, family run company specialising in quality, low cost and predominantly locally-sourced products for your wildlife garden or natural space...

Bird Supply General Stores - Pelee Wings Nature Store


Our aim is provide the best Birding and Nature Study binoculars & scopes to our customers at deep discount pricing, and to ensure your service requirements are met by us and our supplier partners. We are pleased to let customers field-test these optics outdoors here at our Point Pelee location and to offer expert advice to help you make an informed choice. We stock over 150 models of the finest optics to select from, in all price ranges. Because we are active birders, naturalists, and conservationists ourselves, we are happy to share our experience and knowledge of many nature enjoyment products to help you best enjoy our natural world.

Bird Supply General Stores - The Bird Shed


Everything from optics and fieldguides to bird feeders and birdhouses.

Bird Supply General Stores - Wild Bird Habitat Store


The Wild Bird Habitat Store opened its doors on October 1st, 1993 in Lincoln, Nebraska by Dave Titterington…

Bird Supply General Stores - Wild Bird Store on Line


Store for feeders, birdhouses, feed and everything associated with birding…

Bird Supply General Stores - Wildbirds Unlimited


Wild Birds Unlimited is the first and largest franchise system of retail stores catering to the backyard birdfeeding hobbyist. We opened our first store in 1981 and we now have more than 270 stores throughout North America. Our franchisees are completely dedicated to our mission: We Bring People and Nature Together.

Birders Gifts - Owl Barn


Welcome to The Owl Barn Catalogue, a treasure trove of gifts and collectibles for those who love nature in general… and owls in particular! Here you will find gifts for every occasion…

Cat Scarers - Dazer


Hand-held ultrasonic aid to dog deterrence. Easy and quick to operate. Compact, lightweight plastic unit. Handy clip for belt. Works up to 5 metres (15ft). Helps protect your own dog. Completely harmless to animals.

Featherguard [Window Birdstrike Prevention]


To stop birds flying into windows…

Feeders etc. - Riverside Woodcraft


Manufacturer of Bird Table Products and Wildlife supplies. Riverside Woodcraft is a family run Garden, Bird, and Wildlife company operating from our premises in Tamworth, Staffordshire. We manufacture quality wooden garden products from our own workshop and to our own designs. We distribute our exclusive range of Bird Tables, Nest Boxes, Hedgehog Houses and other similar items to trade and public.

Feeders etc. - BirdQuest™


BirdQuest™ now presents Twirl-A-Squirrel; a brand new and innovative product to add line of Metal Spiral Birdfeeders, and Green Spiral Feeders. We are confident you will agree that these unique tube feeders would be a beautiful addition to anyone's backyard…

Feeders etc. - Birdtables.org.uk


Contemporary bird tables designed and made in England by skilled craftsmen using materials that are of the finest quality…

Feeders etc. - Droll Yankees


Friends Peter Kilham and Alan Bemis started Droll Yankees as a Rhode Island-based record label in 1960 to preserve the off-color humor and tales that are unique to old New England. Peter, an engineer, artist, and inventor, was also an avid backyard birder. In 1969, he invented the tubular bird feeder—model A-6F—which revolutionized bird feeder design and which continues to be an industry-wide best seller.

Feeders etc. - Backyard Wild Birds


We feature select quality products and complete solutions to backyard wild birding. Our 'Bird Feeding Kits' & systems can include bird feeders, bird feeder poles, and squirrel stopping baffle protectors. Invite wild birds to your backyard to provide an endless source of nature's beauty and enjoyment for all!

Feeders etc. - Backyard Wildlife Refuge


We have over 450 products to choose from on-line. Our on-line catalogue includes bird feeders and houses, bat houses, bird baths, butterfly feeders & shelters, squirrel feeders, bee shelters, ladybug boxes, houses for purple martin, wren, chickadee, woodpecker, owl and ducks. Oriole feeders, hummingbird feeders, finch feeders. Squirrel Proof Feeders. We also have sundials, weathervanes, rain gauges, thermometers and solar powered water pumps.

Feeders etc. - Bird Feeders


Our site is an excellent resource for information on Hummingbirds, Wild Birds and Orioles as well as the greatest selectionof gorgeous and affordable Hummingbird Feeders, Wild Bird Feeders, Oriole Feeders, Feeder Accessories, Bird Baths, and Birdhouses!

Feeders etc. - Bird Shopper


Bird Feeders, Birdhouses, Bird Baths and More…

Feeders etc. - Bird Watcher Supply Company


Bird Watcher Supply Company began in 1984 as For The Birds. Richard and Nancy Cole had always been interested in nature and became more focused on wild birds after getting a bird feeder for a gift. They were soon mixing their own bird seed since the birds did not seem to like the grocery store mixes they were using…

Feeders etc. - Birds, Squirrel, n…


Everything you need to turn your backyard into a wildlife sanctuary…

Feeders etc. - Dr. JB's Hummingbird Products


Dr. JB’s Hummingbird Products, LLC is a family business established to solve the most common problems faced by hummingbird enthusiasts…

Feeders etc. - Garden Outfitters


…a company in Oregon that carries an interesting line of bird feeders, many are made out of wood and glass…

Feeders etc. - Gardman


Far from resting on our laurels, the process of range development continues apace with over 140 new products contained within this website, plus 23 more within our Wild Birdcare Range. Furthermore, the acquisition of the Erin business in early July 1999 has added a range of peat pots and propagators to our already broad offer. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to all Erin retail customers and to promise that we will do all in our power to build a long term and mutually prosperous relationship with them, as we have already done with our existing customers.

Feeders etc. - Havahart


The HAVAHART® brand takes a comprehensive look at the pet and wildlife problems we experience in our everyday life. We offer bird feeders, squirrel proof bird feeders, live animal traps, dog crates, stray cat rescue, and raccoon traps, to cover the wide spectrum that truly is caring control for pets and wildlife…

Feeders etc. - Heritage Farms


Bird feeders, houses etc…

Feeders etc. - HummZinger


Hummingbird feeders as well as a range of others…

Feeders etc. - Kingbird Feeders


Everyone has a story about their entry into birding. Mine started at 7 years of age when I bugged my mother with “what’s that?” on trips to the parks in northern Virginia. She couldn’t answer my question, but she bought me a book, Bird Watcher’s Guide by Henry Collins. Dad helped by bringing me binoculars acquired while on duty in the Pacific. Little did I know then what a life long endeavor this would become…

Feeders etc. - Perky Pet


+44 (0)1572 722 558 - The Next Generation of Bird Feeders has arrived! We all want to enjoy the company of wild bird in our own garden. But wouldn't it be great if we could find a wide enough range to suit our exact needs and the designs that suited our taste?

Feeders etc. - Roller Feeder


Squirrel proof feeder…

Feeders etc. - Songbird Garden


SongbirdGarden.com is a premier internet source for quality wild bird care, home and garden décor, and unique gift products inspired by nature. We specialize in delivering an excellent selection of wild bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, wild bird food, and other birding accessories…

Feeders etc. - Spring Robin


Spring Robin is a web based company that has been established since 1999 online with retail selling of birdfeeding supplies, nature gifts and home and garden gifts for six years previous to that. We are now considered one of the original bird feeding sites online. As independent backyard bird feeding specialists,we have compiled the best selection of quality merchandise through our experiences in the bird feeding business…

Feeders etc. - The Bird Table


If you've found your way to this site, you're one of two sorts of people; someone who already feeds birds or someone who wants to feed birds. Either way, you are interested in birds and wildlife. On this site you will find a great variety of all the usual foods and feeders plus a wide range of new and exciting products…

Feeders etc. - The Scoop on Wild Birds and Feeders


Learn the 'How To's' of backyard birding…

Feeders etc. - Wholesale Bird Feeders


In the past most bird cages are made out of weeds, rope or bamboo. It was the Egyptians who started to keep birds as their pets as they believe that the souls of the ancient Egyptians were depicted with the body of a bird. Bird cages are usually made of wire mesh to ensure the safety of your bird pets. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. The ideal shape of cage that you should go for is square or rectangular cages. They are easier to clean and are safer for your feathered friend…

Feeders etc. - Wild About Birds


Our walk-in shop is located in Florence Alabama and we carry much more than what is listed here in this on-line store. If you can't find it here then just call or e-mail us.

Feeders etc. - Wild Bird Habitat Stores


Wild Bird Habitat Stores Alamo Center / 56th & Hwy 2 Lincoln, NE 68516 (402) 420-2553 info@wildbirdhabitatstore.com

Feeders etc. - Yard Envy


Bird feeders permit birding enthusiasts and gardeners to fully indulge themselves in their love of bird watching. A bird feeder allows birds to eat necessary nutrients, while staying within view. While the number of bird feeders available can be overwhelming, Yard Envy is here to help guide you through the decision process…

Nestbox & Feeder Cameras - BoxWatch Ltd


This is the BoxWatch Web Page --from the company that has set up more Wildlife Channels than any TV station. You can have your own live Wildlife Channel, on your own TV using the unique, slot-in BoxWatch video camera…

Nestbox & Feeder Cameras - Enjoy Birds More


Wireless Camera Nest Boxes for PC Web and TV…

Nestbox & Feeder Cameras - i–Catcher


i-Catcher is a complete PC-Video Integration package originally intended as a security/surveillance product, although it is a more than capable web cam or time lapse software solution…

Nestbox Cameras - Bird Box View


Welcome to Bird Box View the home of nature cameras in Cornwall… Small company supplying affordable colour webcamera nestboxes for garden birds…

Nestboxes & Bird Houses - Bird Barn


We specialise in the sale of high quality wooden bird houses and bird nest boxes, with a few extra items available for the wild birds in your garden. Taking strongly into consideration bird health and wellfair, we provide you an impressive range of bird houses, bird tables, nest boxes, and bird feeders, baths and bird sets with bird safety in mind…

Nestboxes & Bird Houses - DIY Nestboxes


Step by step instructions on making birdboxes

Nestboxes & Bird Houses - Hummingbird House


Hummingbird nesting platforms to hang from your eaves…

Quill Garden Bird Drinker


The new Quill Garden Bird Drinker and Feeder provides garden birds with constant, clean, uncontaminated water through three “nipples” along the base of the drinker. This complete bird feeding and drinking system will revolutionise the way you look after garden birds and provide you satisfaction in the knowledge that you are offering them with hygienic drinking water…



Ground anchor for your feeder holder….

Window Bird Feeder


Charming video