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Bird Writers

A serious writer type looks like this…

There are websites by birders who write and writers who bird that deserve a greater audience than their county or state… below some of my favourites will appear over time…

Al Batt who writes for several US magazines and his own blog as well as being a frequent guest speaker is someone who transcends any genre… he is just a superb writer and particularly economic with words… adjectives are as rare as hen's teeth.

Useful Reading

A-Z of Birds: A Birder's Tales from Around the World

by Bo Beolens | 236 pages | 26 Cartoons | Paperback | Aug 2013 | Brambleby Books

ISBN: 9781908241238

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The Eponym Dictionary of Birds

Bo Beolens, Michael Watkins & Michael Grayson | Christopher Helm | August 2014 | Hardback | 624 pages with 4000 entries covering 10,000 genera, species and subspecies

ISBN: 9781472905734

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Whose Bird?

Men and Women Commemorated in the Common Names of Birds by Bo Beolens and Michael Watkins | Paperback | Dec 2003 |

ISBN: 0713666471

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Other Links

Al Batt


Al Batt of rural Hartland, Minnesota is a writer, speaker, storyteller and humorist. Al writes four weekly humor and nature columns for many newspapers, and does a show three times per week about nature on a number of radio stations. He writes a number of popular cartoon strips that are syndicated nationally. He has written for a number of magazines and books, including the Chicken Soup For the Soul series. He is a columnist for Bird Watcher's Digest and is a trustee of the American Bald Eagle Foundation in Haines, Alaska…

Dominic Couzens - Bird Words


Hello, my name is Dominic Couzens and I am a writer, with nearly 30 book titles to my name. I have also been a regular birdwatching field trip leader since 1988 and organise and lead birding trips in the UK. I love meeting people and sharing with them the things that excite me about nature, especially my main area of expertise, which is bird behaviour. I believe passionately in communicating greater understanding about the natural world and am fortunate that the opportunities offered to me through my Books, Magazine Articles and occasional Television work enables me to share an understanding of birds and other wildlife.

Grumpy Old Birder


Welcome to the Grumpy Old Birder BLOG and magazine article repository… …the place where 'the fatbirder' rants and records published work. Although I am sure some people who know me might disagree - I am not, by nature, particularly grumpy… I like, above all things, to laugh. However, somethings drive me nuts including cruelty, high-handed authority, and the selfishness of those whose actions effectively rob the majority of pleasure for the sake of their own pleasure. Into this category I lump those who kill things for pleasure, those who exploit the land regardless of how it effects wildlife and those who allow their pets to destroy habitat or kill wild creatures. I am also increasingly incensed by people not confronting the 'elephants in the room' of over population, the myth of the need for 'growth' and the selfish pursuit of profit. If any of this turns on a small light in the back of your mind you may find something here that you will enjoy reading…. I hope so!