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February 2008 and an email from BirdwatchRadio about their programmed intention to start creating Podcasts twice a month has spurred me into creating this page…

…moreover, it has spurred me into investigating the possibility of the occasional Fatbirder podcast… so watch [or rather listen to] this space… I have the gear and the good intentions… now I just need the time and inspiration.

Below you will find listed any Birding Podcasts I know about and related topics… be sure and tell me if you know of more.


Other Links

Bird Calls Radio


BirdCallsRadio Worldwide explores wild birdlife through conversations with people around the world…

Bird Watcher's Digest - Podcast Central


Bird Watcher's Digest's toe in the Podcast waters…



BirdNote is a radio series about the intriguing ways of birds. We hope BirdNote will take you out of the daily grind and transport you into the natural world. Each show is scheduled to coincide with the time of year when you can see or hear the featured bird. (“Oh, that’s what that is!”)

Grumpy Old Birder


Latest rant from Fatbirder!



…not ALL birds this one…

On the wing…


On The Wing is the original podcast about birds and birding. We cover the birds, people and places that make birding one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities. From expert-led field trips to interviews with today's newsmakers to upcoming birding events, On The Wing takes you where the birds are…

Ray Brown's Talking Birds


A long list on individual species…

Talking Naturally


Talking Naturally is an independently-owned website that aims to inspire a passion for the natural world by talking about wildlife, conservation, and animal welfare through blogs, interviews, and podcasts with conservationists and wildlife/welfare experts from all around the world…

The Sound Approach


Welcome to The Sound Approach podcasts, interviews and conversations with a focus on birds and conservation issues hosted by Charlie Moores.

Urban Birder on Radley Ice


David Lindo (@urbanbirder) is The Urban Birder — a writer, broadcaster, speaker and bird guide. He strives to get urbanites to realize that there is a whole world of wildlife under their noses in the world’s cities. We talk about urban birding, positivity, his local patch (Wormwood Scrubs), UK birding, and appreciation of nature. David describes urban birding like this; "The great thing about Urban Birding is that it can be done anywhere and any time, whether you’ve got the day to spare, an hour before work or just a half hour lunch break. In most cities like London, Paris and New York you are never too far away from a green “space” which can often act as natural havens for great urban birds…"

Whooper Happenings Podcast


What's happening in the world of the endangered whooping cranes…