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European Bee-eaters Merops apiaster ©Svetoslav Tsvetanov Simeonov Website

It is not Chauvinism that has led to many European sites being omitted but ignorance. This Fat Birder can just about understand how to order a pint in French and not even that in any other European language. I know that most other Europeans can find their way around the English language whereas we Brits are pathetic at speaking any other language but our own. So, if there are sites out there that deserve to be listed here please let us know (in English with an English title as well as one in the preferred language please) and we will make sure that the links are included.

The books listed below are Europe wide in coverage and may be a place to start for non-European visitors. The Collins guide is simply the best field guide bar none. The others useful references.

The overall field guide will be of use for all the European countries but is not repeated on every page. Where possible we add recommendations for particular countries.

Useful Reading

Birding in Eastern Europe

Gerard Gorman 288 pages, illus. WildSounds
See Fatbirder Review

ISBN: 1898665079

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Birding in Eastern Europe - DVD

by Dave Gosney, Birdguides 2006

ISBN: 166460A

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Birds in Europe - Population Estimates, Trends and Conservation Status

BirdLife International Series: BIRDLIFE CONSERVATION SERIES 12 374 pages, col maps, illus, tabs. BirdLife International Distributed by NHBS

ISBN: 0946888531

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Birds in Europe: Their Conservation Status

GM Tucker, MF Heath, L Tomialojc and RFA Grimmett Series: BIRDLIFE CONSERVATION SERIES 3 600 pages, line illus, colour maps.BirdLife International Distributed by NHBS

ISBN: 0946888299

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Birds of Europe with North Africa and the Middle East

Lars Jonsson 559 pages, 140 col plates, col distribution maps. Christopher Helm

ISBN: 0713652586

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Birds of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

- A Photographic Guide by Frédéric Jiguet & Aurélien Audevard | Translated by Tony Williams | Princeton Universtiy Press | Paperback | Feb 2017 | 447 Pages | colour distribution maps | 2,200 Colour Photographs |

ISBN: 9780691172439

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Collins Bird Guide

2nd Edition by Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney, Dan Zetterstrom Hardcover - (2010) HarperCollins Natural History
See Fatbirder Review

ISBN: 9780007267262

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Collins Bird Guide App

http://collinsbirdguideapp.com/ The Collins Fieldguide and more...
See Fatbirder Review

Collins Bird Songs & Calls (with 3 Audio-CD)

Geoff Sample 2010 Harper Collins (New Edition)
See Fatbirder Review

ISBN: 9780007339761

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Collins Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe

Roger Tory Peterson, Guy Mountfort and PAD Hollom 261 pages, 1520 col illus, 366 maps. Harper Collins

ISBN: 0007192347

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Important Bird Areas of Europe: Priority Sites for Conservation 2 Volume Set

Edited by MF Heath, MI Evans, DG Hoccom, AJ Payne and NB Peet Sub-series: IMPORTANT BIRD AREAS IN EUROPE: PRIORITY SITES FOR CONSERVATION 1600 pages, b/w photos, figs, tabs, maps. BirdLife International Distributed by NHBS

ISBN: 101969

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Peterson Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe

Roger Tory Peterson, Guy Mountford and PAD Hollum 261 pages, 96 col plates, distrib maps. Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: 0618166750

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Photographic Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe

Hakan Delin and Lars Svensson 288 pages, 1300 col photos, 163 illus, 465 maps. Bounty Books

ISBN: 075370689X

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The Birds of Britain and Europe, 6-DVD Set

Paul Doherty Running time: 12 hours 35 minutes. Bird Images Video Guides

ISBN: 146254

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The Complete Guide to the Birdlife of Britain & Europe

Rob Hume, Peter Hayman (Illustrator) - Hardcover - 288 pages - Nov 2001 - Mitchell Beazley
See Fatbirder Review

ISBN: 1857327950

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The Crossley ID Guide: Britain & Ireland

Series: Crossley ID Guide 3 | Richard Crossley and Dominic Couzens | 304 Pages | 310 Plates with Colour Photos | 250 Colour Distribution Maps | Princeton University Press | Paperback | Oct 2013
See Fatbirder Review

ISBN: 9780691151946

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The EBCC Atlas of European Breeding Birds

Edited by Ward J M Hagemeijer & Michael J Blair (T&AD Poyser)1997
See Fatbirder Review

ISBN: 0856610917

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The Good Bird Guide

Species-by-Species Guide to Finding Europe's Best Birds Edited by Keith Marsh 608 pages, b/w illus, maps. Christopher Helm

ISBN: 0713668482

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The Handbook of Bird Identification - For Europe and the Western Palearctic

Mark Beaman and Steve Madge Series: CHRISTOPHER HELM IDENTIFICATION GUIDE SERIES 868 pages, 357 colour plates, col illus, 625 colour maps. Christopher Helm

ISBN: 0713639601

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The Tracks and Signs of the Birds of Britain and Europe - An Identification Guide

Roy Brown, John Ferguson, Michael Lawrence and David Lees 333 pages, 56 col plates, b/w photos, line illus. Christopher Helm

ISBN: 0713653825

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Where to Watch Birds in Europe and Russia

Nigel Wheatley Paperback - 416 pages (28 April, 2000) Christopher Helm

ISBN: 0713648708

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Useful Information

European Colour-Ringing

European colour-ring Birding is a platform between the field-observer and the project-leader. Therefore it can not provide any details or life-list of your sighting. To get this information, you have to go through this website, find the project-leader and contact her/him.


Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)


CABS conducts bird protection operations in the EU, research and investigations into the illegal wildlife trade, initiates legal action and mounts public relations campaigns in support of its activities to protect and conserve European bird life…

EURING - European Union for bird ringing


Bird ringing? An important technique in ornithology or just a bird watchers hobby? The answer is a fruitful combination of them both. Ringing is a vital tool for scientists, particulary for studying the life histories, population dynamics and movements of birds. Much for the data of this work are gathered by well-trained professional amateurs whose motivation is not money, but the simple privilege of working with birds for the purpose of conservation.

European Centre for Nature Conservation


The European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC) is established in 1993 with the purpose to further European nature conservation by bridging gap between science and policy. ECNC has become a renowned expertise centre offering support to the development, review and implementation of European nature conservation policies. ECNC organises and mobilises the expertise within universities, research institutes, conservation agencies, and reference centres. ECNC`s combined expertise and interdisciplinary way of working presents innovative options and solutions that can further a strong and comprehensive European nature conservation policy, with a sound scientific basis.

Maps & Distribution


Maps & Distribution - of the birds of the Western Palearctic Region


Abbreviations Key

Abbreviations used in reserves sections

BR = Biosphere Reserve
BiR = Bird Reserve
BS = Bird Sanctuary
CA = Conservation Areas
EBA = Endemic Bird Area
ER = Ecological Reserve
IBA = Important Bird Area
IPP = Interprovincial Park
MBS = Migratory Bird Sanctuary
MP = Marine Park
MWR = Migratory Waterfowl Refuge
NC = Nature Center
NF = National Forest
NP = National Park
NPR = National Park Preserve
NPr = Nature Preserve
NR = Nature Reserve
NS = Nature Sanctuary
NWA = National Wildlife Area
NWR = National Wildlife Refuge
PP = Provincial Park
SNR = Strict Nature Reserve
SeNR = State Nature Reserve
SP = State Park
SeR = Seabird Reserve
SR = State Reserve
SWA = State Wildlife Area
SWMA = State Wildlife Management Area
SWR = State Wildlife Refuge
WA = Wildlife Area
WBR = World Biosphere Reserve
WMA = Wildlife Management Area
WRf = Wildlife Refuge
WRs = Wildlife Reserve
WP = Waterfowl Park
WiRv = Wilderness Reserve
WeRv = Wetland Reserve
WS = Wildlife Sanctuary
WeS = Wetland Sanctuary
WoS = Woodland Sanctuary

Forums & Mailing Lists


Mailing List

To post to list: listserv@listserv.funet.fi

To subscribe to list: listserv@listserv.funet.fi

subscribe eurobirdnet

Mailing List – Discussion Group - Send a message - It doesn`t matter what you write as the Subject of the message. When you get a reply send back ok without the quotes.


Mailing List

To post to list: birdline@yahoogroups.com

List contact: birdline-owner@yahoogroups.com Yahoo

To subscribe to list: birdline-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Mailing List – Discussion Group Rare bird alerts for Europe and Western Palearctic . page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/birdline

Guides & Tour Operators

Click on WAND for tours, guides, lodges and more…

GuidedBirding - The International Bird Guiding Register


Many travellers seek the services of a competent guide to help them find the birds in areas across the globe that are new, exciting but frustratingly unfamiliar to them. One of the biggest problems that travellers face is how to find that guide. Up until now that is… GuidedBirding.com is a new and innovative website developed to provide a single resource on the Web for locating a reliable guide in countries across the world. A valuable, and much needed point of contact that is beneficial to both traveller and guide…

Trip Reports

Click on WAND for tours, guides, lodges and more…


Trip Report Repository

CloudBirders was created by a group of Belgian world birding enthusiasts and went live on 21st of March 2013. They provide a large and growing database of birding trip reports, complemented with extensive search, voting and statistical features.

2007 [02 February] - Mark How - Plastic Fantastic


Northern Europe has several unusual exotic introductions (aka plastics), this was a trip to see some of them as well as some real birds (I haven’t gone totally mad). Targets were Sacred Ibis, Reeve’s Pheasant, Bobwhite, Grey headed Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Red Billed Leiothrix, Rhea, Carribean Flamingo, Chilean Flamingo, Lesser Whitefronted Goose, House Crow…

2008 [09 September] - Mark Hows - Plastic Fantastic II


You thought I was mad with Plastic Fantastic I then prepare for the maddest trip ever!! Plastic Fantastic II the sequel and unlike most sequels this one is better than the original. ..


Gerard Gorman


All about Europe's woodpeckers…

Gerard Gorman - Birding Eastern Europe


BLOG to help birders visiting eastern Europe…



Blog ornithologique basé majoritairement sur l'avifaune d'europe…

Other Links

Addresses of all European Ringing Stations


Dirk Raes excellent site on colour ringing which most European birders will already know of.



This guide provides extensive information on over 550 (mostly) breeding birds. You will find species information on physical description, habitat, range, breeding, feeding and conservation concerns. Also the song, European database links and migration details, including maps are available for almost every species. For over 200 species scientific articles are available for download in the literature section…

Birds On-line


Much information on European birds, over 250 pictures, red lists, etc… This site is in German. Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Homepage! Ich hoffe, dass sie Ihnen gefällt und dass Sie finden, was Sie suchen. Falls Sie Fragen oder Kritiken haben, können Sie mich per E-Mail (mail@birds-online.ch) kontaktieren…

European Bird List


Birds occurring in Europe…

European birds


This site gives you information of more than 900 bird species that occur in Western Palearctic. There are also more than 3000 photos of over 340 different species on the site. You can find information in nine different languages and the bird names in 16 languages…

Holarctic Listing


With a particular interest in the Holarctic avifauna, I long regretted the absence of an up-to-date checklist of bird species regularly occurring in the Palearctic and Nearctic regions. I sought an easily referenced record of recent and potential taxonomic changes, also taking into account improvements in distributional knowledge (particularly in Mexico and Himalaya). Consequently over several years I developed and maintained a working checklist as the core of my personal records database. I have posted it on this website in the hope that it may be a useful resource for other birders with similar interests…

L'oiseau libre


Oiseaux de France et d'Europe. Refuges et jardins d'oiseaux…



Ornithomedia is a web site concerning Birding in Southern Europe: it`s a complete site: news, best spots, bird identification, articles about rarities, Flash animations, etc. An on-line shop sellinmg, for ezample, the new Birding CDROM Sentiers Ornithologiques en France, en Espagne et au Portugal (soon in English).

Reservoir Birds


Bird Lists of False WP, WP, Iberian Peninsula, Spain & Regional (Weekly updates)

Wetlands in Spatial Planning


The UK WISP partnership consists of eight partners within and around Fenland in the east of England. The eight include five charitable organisations (three of which are part of national conservation charities); two local government offices, and the Environment Agency, the UK government’s statutory body for environmental enforcement, protection and enhancement. Almost all of the Fenland plain in Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire south of the Wash is first class agricultural land.

Photographers & Artists

Mike Danzenbaker - Photographer


Many European photographs from the US photographer…