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Scottish & Southern Energy links with RSPB

Help the environment and help yourself by switching your gas and electricity to Scottish & Southern Energy?

Global warming is a reality that we are already beginning to experience. Plants are flowering much earlier and garden birds, like blue tits and great tits, are starting to nest earlier in the year. Global warming will radically affect wildlife and habitats and some wildlife will not be able to adapt. Wading birds like dunlin, knot and curlew could permanently lose their winter-feeding grounds to rising tides.RSPB Energy is a unique green price plan from Scottish and Southern Energy and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. RSPB Energy generates much needed financial support for wildlife conservation and the environment. An example of the success of this scheme is illustrated at the North Warren Nature Reserve near Aldeburgh, Suffolk. RSPB Energy raised ?36,000 to help extend the reserve that now has 2 miles of dykes and open water areas and has enabled the first bittern booming in over 50 years. It won`t cost you any extra to switch to RSPB Energy, in fact you could save money, and you`ll help raise funds to protect the environment too. Switching to RSPB Energy supports the growth of renewable energy - and, unlike many green schemes you won`t have to pay a premium for helping the environment.When you switch to RSPB Energy, we will make the following contributions to the RSPB:

?10 when you switch your electricity supply
?10 when you switch your gas supply
for every year you remain on the scheme, we will give the RSPB an additional ?5 per fuel
the electricity you use will be matched with generation from renewable sources, so you can make a real contribution to the environment In other words, if you switch both your gas and electricity to RSPB Energy we will contribute ?30 to the RSPB in the first year. Just think how that total would grow if your friends and family were to switch too! As well as helping the environment and saving yourself money on your utility bills you can also collect Airmiles and Argos Premier Points by switching to Scottish Southern Energy.
There are no forms to fill in and it is free to switch. For more information and to apply online visit http://www.rspbenergy.co.uk. An online brochure which goes into greater detail about the RSPB Energy scheme is available at: http://www.energyonoffer.co.uk/index.asp?cc=FATB

4th July 2014