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No Airport at Cliffe RSPB Special Event 30th August

The event at the Northward Hill RSPB reserve attracted over 3000 peopleā€¦

The event at the Northward Hill RSPB reserve at Bromhey Farm on Friday 30th, blessed with dry weather plus sun for the principal speakers, must have given the local residents some heart. Speakers for the KCC and Medway Council pledged their support for the No Airport @ Cliffe campaign and Graham Wynne, Chief Executive of the RSPB, made a stirring speech, saying that the RSPB was doing everything in its power - supported by its million members - to prevent an airport ever being built at Cliffe. The appreciation of all those gathered on the hill was loud and clear.Throughout the event visitors were pledging their support, birders travelling from as far afield as Norfolk, swelling the ranks of the 3,000+ people that attended.Perry Haines, all the RSPB staff, a good number of KOS members ? in particular Kevin Thornton - and others are to be congratulated on their hard work and excellent organisation of this event. It was pleasing to witness the presentation by Graham Wynne of one of Stephen Messages framed paintings - a Red-breasted Flycatcher - to Barry Wright in recognition of his enthusiastic support for the campaign, demonstrated by his `mound watch` total of 100 species by the beginning of August. Barry had already commented on how much he liked the painting, when he`d visited Stephen`s display of artwork and demonstration of water colour painting. Well-done Barry.The KOS stand was efficiently run by Ken Lodge and Dave Sutton, as always, and should have attracted a more members, but for me the most impressive aspect of the evening was the RSPB Power Point slide show presentation. The dramatic way in which Perry and Adrian Thomas put together a fine selection of slides, thoughtfully chosen words and most appropriate music demonstrates admirably what will be lost if this crazy scheme ever gets off the ground. It deserves, and will I`m sure get, much wider publicity. It is excellent, well done Perry and Adrian.On leaving, the RSPB provided everyone with printed advice on how to Make Your Voice Heard and SCAN - Stop Cliffe Airport Now - issued a list of names and addresses of MPs and local councils to whom we can all write letters. This information will be available on the RSPB website shortly.This proposal MUST be stopped. Keep up the pressure. A large volume of mail can have an influence.Enjoy the autumn`s birds too?

Don Taylor - KOS County Recorder

KOS County Recorder

4th July 2014