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Lost & Found

News of discoveries, re-discoveries and mouth-watering possibilities from the pages of World Birdwatch ? the magazine of BirdLife International?

Anambra Waxbill Estrilda poliopareia sighted for the first time since 1987, in Tombia, southern Nigeria in the grounds of a nursing college.Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita discovered breeding in an Al Badia (dessert steppe) area of Syria. Three incubating pairs and one individual made up this newly discovered colony.A rail was sighted and photographed in July this year on the Solomon Island of Malaita by Guy Dutson working for BirdLife Pacific Dvision. The rail resembles the flightless Woodford`s Rail Neosoclopeus woodfordi but is apparently a new species.Bruijn`s Brush-turkey Aepypodius bruijnii has finally been photographed in the wild. Thought to be extinct until bones of a recently hunted specimen were shown to ornithologists after sixty years in hiding. This May a Belgian ornithologist watched a male inspecting incubation mounds in the West Papuan Island of Waigeo.The Golden-crowned Manakin Pipra vilasboasi has been re-found ? it has been missing since it was first discovered 45 years ago. Helmut Sick, the well-know ornithologist collected 5 specimens in the Para region of Brazil but a number of attempts to relocate it have failed. Two Brazilian ornithologists rediscovered it in a nearby area whilst surveying prior to a logging road being paved much to the concern of conservationists.The endangered White-winged NightjarCaprimulgus candicans was thought to be present in just two small areas of Paraguay and Brazil, but it has now been found to be present in another area of central Paraguay.Gouldian Finches Chloebia gouldiae were extirpated from Mereeba in Queensland in the 1960s and have now 20 juveniles been re-introduced into the Mareeba Tropical Savanna and Wetland Reserve.For details see World Birdwatch Magazine the magazine of Birdlife International see http://www.birdlife.net/help/wbwmag.cfm

4th July 2014