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Disappearing Rainbow Lorikeets

From Australian Aviculture Journal`s conservation corner - November 2002.

A recent report in a Queensland newspaper claims that the rainbow lorikeet Trichoglossus haematodus is rapidly disappearing from Currunbim Wildlife Sanctuary, Currumbin, where they have been a special attraction for 55 years. The rainbow lorikeet has become synonymous with both the sanctuary and the Gold Coast - with more than 500,000 visitors taking part in regular feeding of the birds.Over the past 5 or 6 years numbers have dropped dramatically with sometimes fewer than 100 birds showing up. The continuing urbanisation of the Gold Coast has, apparently had an impact on the number of nesting hollows available for the rainbow lorikeets who have to compete with Gliders, Possums and Bats for nesting sites. Five local schools have undertaken to make thousands of nest-boxes that will be placed around the 27ha sanctuary. Stage one, of a three-stage, nesting box program, was to be implemented before the current breeding season began in August. A spokeswoman for Currumbin sanctuary said: Stage three will ensure the long-term survival of the lorikeet population by placing nest-boxes around the coast.

4th July 2014