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Audubon support for the Important Bird Area program

From the Audubon Bird Conservation Newsletter?

[The Audubon Bird Conservation Newsletter is an electronic periodical that brings you up to date on the accomplishments and work of Audubon`s Bird Conservation Program, the progress of the Important Bird Areas Initiative, and issues and events in bird conservation. To Subscribe send an e-mail to LISTSERV@LIST.AUDUBON.ORG with the following text in the body of your e-mail: SUBSCRIBE Bird-Conservation-News]The Important Bird Area (IBA) program is an international effort to identify, conserve, and monitor a network of sites that provide essential habitat for bird populations. Birdlife International (http://www.birdlife.net) began the IBA program in Europe in 1985. Since that time, Birdlife partners in more than 100 countries have joined together to build the global IBA network.Audubon (BirdLife Partner for the US) has been working since 1995 to identify and conserve hundreds of IBAs throughout the United States. Important Bird Areas often support a significant proportion of one or more species total population. Through the IBA program, we`re setting science-based conservation priorities and engaging local action to safeguard the most essential sites for America`s bird populations. We work with local communities and stakeholder groups, scientists, local, state and federal governments, and non-governmental organizations. By cooperating on essential habitat conservation, we`re building a healthier world for birds and all biodiversity-including our own species.IBA Scorecard
- 46 State Programs Underway
- 97 Staff Members Involved in IBA Program Implementation, Coordination, & Management
- 39 States With Paid Staff
- 7 States With Volunteer Staff
- 10 States With Documented Inventories - CA, FL, ID, MD, NY, NC, OH, PA, WA, WY
- 1500 IBAs Identified (State Level)
- 36 Million Acres Encompassed in Identified IBAs
- >6000 Participants Involved IBA Outreach, IBA Data Management, & IBA Funding
Audubon Magazine, in the December issue, features Audubon Pennsylvania`s successful IBA program as an example of how the IBA program, demonstrating implementation at the state and local level to achieve conservation. In addition to the article, a pullout map is included that highlights a number of IBAs throughout the country, representing a diversity of different habitats, species, and threats. To read the article and the text of the pullout map visit http://www.audubon.org/bird/iba/ and click on the links at the top of the page.National Audubon`s Science Office will be hosting the 3rd Important Bird Areas Conference, 23-26 April 2003, in Port Aransas Texas. This event will bring together IBA program coordinators and bird conservation partners from throughout the country and the hemisphere. This three-day event will focus on the status of the initiative, as well as strategies and opportunities for moving forward. If you are interested in attending or would like more details send an e-mail to jcecil@audubon.orgTo assist with data entry and management of the World Bird Database, the global IBA database used to manage all information about the sites, the National Audubon Science Office hired Connie Chen Sanchez in September. Connie`s primary task is to enter information about selected IBAs into the WBDB and to assist with the preparation of site materials for review by Audubon`s National Technical Committee (NTC). The NTC, composed of eleven North American bird experts, will be reviewing state level sites to determine national, continental and global significance.In the last quarter, June - September 2002, five states have secured $169,400 in grants for IBA Program activities. Congratulations to Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Ohio!

[To see all the news on individual states subscribe to the newsletter or visit the Audubon site at: http://www.audubon.org

4th July 2014