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Greenland Election ? Wildlife Implications

PROACT poised to launch protest?

As the final outcome of Greenland`s general elections are awaited, conservation groups are already expressing concern about how the new administration will address the many problems with Greenland`s use of its diminishing wildlife, including heavily hunted populations of whales, belugas and birds. Populations of Common Eider and Brunnich`s Guillemot on Greenland could come under threat - or more literally under fire if the new Home Rule government relaxes restrictions on hunting seasons.PROACT, is bracing itself to launch an international protest campaign!The campaign will protest and try to influence changes in Greenland`s abysmal hunting laws if the new government does not demonstrate a strong commitment to good conservation practices. In the run up to the election, the outgoing Home Rule Government presented a revision of legislation that would extend hunting seasons for already decimated eider ducks and guillemots - making for the longest killing seasons for many years. Until earlier this year little attention was paid by conservationists to the eroding of the environmental balance in Greenland ? that is until the publication of Kjeld Hansen`s chillingly informative and outspoken book A Farewell to Greenland`s Wildlife which triggered off a wave of protest. From the hunters` side a storm of indignation and aggression ensued. The situation is sensitive; and stretches the bounds of political correctness as the indigenous Inuit are accused of sacrificing their inborn sense of conservation for modern, purely commercial and financial interests. The first chapter of A Farewell to Greenland`s Wildlife can now be read online, courtesy of the author, exclusively at the Proact Greenland site http://www.proactnow.org/greenland/id30.html Browse the other links from this site for background information on Greenland before the campaign begins?

4th July 2014