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Brussels Sounds Warning

Trappers to be allowed to catch 26,850 live Brussels sounds warning


A total of 26,850 birds can be captured live over two months, according to the Ornis Committee recommendation for an autumn trapping season for seven species of finches.

Trappers will be allowed to capture 5,000 chaffinch, 12,000 linnet, 800 goldfinch, 4,500 greenfinch, 500 hawfinch, 2,350 serin and 1,700 siskin species, assuming the numbers are respected and no illegalities occur.

Ornis, the government’s advisory body on hunting, on Tuesday recommended applying an exemption from EU laws to open a trapping season during the peak migration period for finches. The recommendation was based on an analysis by the Wild Birds Regulation Unit, which amended a set of proposals submitted by the hunters’ federation, FKNK, last August.

All species are protected under the Birds Directive.

The proposed enforcement of regulations would be based on a similar system to that used for spring hunting.


Meanwhile, Brussels has conveyed its concerns to Malta over the proposed re-opening of a finch trapping season this autumn but will wait for the government’s decision before taking a stand.

Asked to comment yesterday, a European Commission spokesman said it was too early for Brussels to take a stand. But he stressed that trapping was banned in principle and Brussels had already informed Malta about this.

“We will still need to wait for the Maltese authorities to request a derogation,” he said. “If they do, we will assess it very carefully. We have been in close contact with the Maltese authorities regarding this and they are aware of our concerns.”


4th July 2014