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Bird Fair Originals

…best birding ideas from around the world

One of the many things I like about the British Bird Fair is that it brings all the best ideas from around the world under one roof for a few days.

So many countries are represented along with every aspect of birding. I’ll try and cover a few over the coming weeks… but to start, here is a really good idea that deserves to fly.

I’ve tried to get some countries to emulate a model that was, I think, started in Costa Rica where, instead of an organised tour you could visit a few lodges, be guided there and then handed over to the next lodge in a circuit.

Bed & Birding™ have taken the idea a step further and made it international! Moreover, its like a franchise which brings together the savings and branding of scale yet with the personal attention, look and feel of a ‘mom & pop’ business.

Bed & Birding™ is a new concept in bird tour management, accommodation and promotion. It is a growing global-network of accommodation providers that offer an exclusive range of services and facilities specified by birders for birders.

It is a franchise company that licenses different Bird Friendly Bed & Breakfast partners to use its branded identity and materials to market their services to birders. The Bed & Birding partners are carefully appraised against a set of service quality criteria, in order to provide both comfortable and memorable accommodation of course, but also with careful attention to the specific needs of birders. Facilities that partners provide range from on-site optical spares to libraries, expert local guides to daily sightings list-calling lounges, bird-friendly surroundings to logistical support.

For travelling birders, individuals as well as tour companies, the Bed & Birding network helps you to select locations and make bookings, on an uncomplicated basis, with ease and confidence. Each Bed & Birding partner has a comprehensive bird checklist, which helps you to decide which accommodation bases to use in order to find your target species. Staying with a Bed & Birding partner assures that all of your birding needs are met: you could even plan your travel to link up several bases in order to produce a fantastic birding itinerary.

For potential partners Bed & Birding has established as an enterprise designed, not only to cater for the interests of a birdwatching clientele, but to alert all types of holiday accommodation to the potentials that this sphere of interest has for creating business during the off-peak periods of the touristic season. In addition to lodges directly suited to the requirements of birdwatching and wildlife enthusiasts, they seek to also attract the interest of standard hotels and guesthouses that would like to broaden their clientele base – but which hitherto have not been aware of this significant and growing market – the birding world!

Bed and Birding made its first big publicity campaign for the network with a large stand at the British Bird Fair 2014. The presentation was well received, causing much excitement amongst potential new partners and the general visitors to the show (over 350 brochures were distributed). By the end of three hectic days, they were in touch with 25 potential new partners (from Malaysia, India, Gambia, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Finland, Poland and Georgia) who had made the decision to join the network in the very near future. This was a great boost for the concept and they expect it to grow rapidly. You can see more at: http://www.bedandbirding.com


21st August 2014