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Red Admiral Resurgence

….Butterflies showing dramatic patterns

Red Admiral resurgence in gardens

Earlier in the year the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Garden BirdWatch reported that butterflies were showing dramatic patterns of emergence, promising another successful year. Whilst most butterfly species did appear in high numbers, BTO Garden BirdWatch (GBW) results show that this year’s winner was the Red Admiral.

2013 was a good year for many of our common garden butterflies, giving them a boost after a run of miserable summers. This year started off even better, with many butterfly species emerging earlier and in higher numbers than in previous years, thanks to the mild spring temperatures.

This early emergence promised another fruitful breeding season for butterflies and it was. Whilst seen in slightly lower numbers than last year, both Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell were still reported from about half of BTO Garden BirdWatch gardens, and interestingly Small Tortoiseshell peaked a month earlier than in 2013.

However, the star species for Garden BirdWatchers this year was the Red Admiral. It started to increase in gardens three weeks earlier than in 2013, and by the end of August 42.5% of GBW gardens had reported seeing them, a 26% increase from 2013. By the beginning of October, unprecedented numbers were still being reported.

Clare Simm, from the Garden BirdWatch team, commented, "We knew from anecdotal reports that this year would be another good one for butterflies, and it did not disappoint. As you can see, our volunteers do not just focus on birds, but also provide us with vital information on other wildlife groups too."

Despite being migratory, Red Admirals are increasingly being reported well into the winter, with more seeming to survive the winter instead of dying off or returning to their wintering grounds. Will this winter be mild enough for them? Help us find out!

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22nd October 2014