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EuroList Fallout

Recent disagreements amongst subscribers to the Eurobirdnet has led to a new list being set up for those who want to have more wide ranging discussions than are being allowed by the list owner. It all started with a proposed cull of wolves in Norway…

It all started with Norwegian wolves - someone posted news that there was to be a cull and that we should all protest, today they came for the wolves, tomorrow it might be the eagles… The debate was joined and people made their opinions known. After a while some subscribers started to object to a debate of a non-birding topic, others were convinced it was of great relevance.Then news of a campaign to save unique Slovakian habitat (for birds) started to be posted and some subscribers objected to the ongoing information as a campaign was launched.Eventually the moderator and list owner of EBN told people to stop and that such debates were not appropriate - it was OK to draw people's attentions to the issues (once) but not for people to debate those issues. Some people thought this very dictatorial and said so - eventually the moderator decided that he should start to filter some of these postings and not let them through.The Fatbirder had his say then set up a new mailing list Eurobirder - for subscription details see:[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Eurobirder ] a list for free debate by birders (about whatever they see fit)Meanwhile the EBN moderator is considering a vote to see what the 1000+ subscribers want. 34 have voted with their feet and joined Eurobirder in its first few hours of existence… lets see how that develops. Watch this space for updates.

4th July 2014