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UK Government Reneges on Commitment

…not to allow fracking within protected areas

The RSPB responds to today’s Government announcement on fracking.

Matt Williams, RSPB policy officer with a responsibility for fracking, said: “The Government has reneged on its commitment to rule out fracking in some of our most important wildlife sites. Despite promising in January to exclude fracking from Sites of Special Scientific Interest, today’s announcement ignores any such commitment, leaving some the UK’s most valuable wildlife sites exposed to risk from future fracking.

“We are concerned that fracking will still also be allowed beneath all of these areas, including national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and we could see lots of fracking wells near them. The pollution, noise and light disturbance from fracking wells doesn’t respect boundaries potentially putting wildlife at risk.”

On 27 January, the Government’s posted the following position on fracking in protected areas see here


17th July 2015