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National Nest Box Week 2003

National Nest Box Week 2003 started Friday 14th February 2003…

Gardeners: A pair of Blue Tits have to find 100 food items per day for each youngster. Given that they lay an average of 10 eggs in a clutch, that the young have to be fed for 20 days and that most food items are caterpillars, having a pair of Blue Tits in the garden can be exceptionally helpful!Sparrow lovers: House Sparrow nest boxes are very similar to Blue Tit boxes but they need to have at least a 32mm diameter hole. Boxes are best placed near on the walls of a house or garage, ideally near to thick shrubs or climbing plants. House Sparrows like to nest colonially so you may want to provide several boxes. To attract the attention of your local sparrows leave a bit of straw or dried grass hanging out of the entrance hole ? Who`s nesting in here then? For instructions about how to make your own box write to: Something for the children: A new book for children of between 2 and 6 has been launched to promote the Homes for the Homeless message. Spud Finds a Home tells the story of Spud the Sparrow`s hunt for somewhere to nest. Money raised from the sale of the book will be added to the BTO`s House Sparrow Appeal. The book is written by Graham Appleton, with wonderful illustrations by Cambridge artist, Brendel Lang. Copies of the book can be obtained from: Spud, FREEPOST 1155, Canterbury, CT3 4BR. Each book costs ?5 (including p&p), half of which will go towards the BTO`s House Sparrow Appeal. Cheques should be made payable to Jacobi Jayne & Co.Chris Mead: The BTO`s National Nest Box Week was the invention of Chris Mead, who died on 16 January. It is sponsored by Jacobi Jayne & Company.Local events: Many conservation organisations celebrate National Nest Box Week by holding special box-making events for children and other volunteers. Details of these events appear on the BTO web site, http://www.bto.org For more information please contact Graham Appleton on 01842 750050 or e-mail graham.appleton@bto.org

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