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Russian Oil Giant Threatens Park and Development May Destroy a Norwegian Delta

Two more pressing environmental threats need international help from PROACT members and sympathisers…

The Tunkinsky National Park on the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia is threatened by plans by the Russian oil giant YUKOS to build an oil pipeline through the park.Rare, protected species in the Park include Snow Leopard Uncia uncia, Siberian Ibex Capra sibirica, Black Stork Ciconia nigra, Bean Goose Anser fabalis, Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos, White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla and other rare fauna. Russian Ecologists stress that the future not only of Tunkinskaya Hollow is at stake; but also conservation per se in the Russian Federation. Other issues are the opening up of virgin taiga to illegal hunters, trappers, loggers and miners; and the despoiling of local culture and soft tourism in regional spa health resorts.The key figure in the decision-making and authorization process is the Deputy Chairman of the Buryatia Government Mr L Turbyanov. His decision on permitting the pipeline to cross the Tunkinsky National Park by making changes to the parks boundaries is scheduled for 1st April 2003. The time for international protest is limited. You can help by impressing the president of Buryatia with the extent of international concern, How - see more at: http://www.proactnow.org/ppsi/id22.htmlThe biodiversity of the ?rin Delta in Central Norway is threatened by local development plans which are are among the worst current environmental threats in the country.?rin is the most important location for migrating Pink-footed goose Anser brachyrhynchus from the Svaldbard (Spitzbergen) population and the most important spring location in Norway for the Scandinavian population of Common Scoter Melanitta nigra. The Common Scoter is on the Red List of Norwegian Birds. ?rin is also a very important migration and wintering location for many other shorebirds and ducks.Despite local and national environmental opposition the local authorities are planning to go ahead with infill of the seaward area of the current nature reserve and Ramsar site.Proact has been approached for help by a member of the Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOF). Our aim is to show communal and national authorities that matters of local environmental concern are nowadays also of international interest. Globalisation is not confined to multinational companies and financial institutions - but increasingly to unite conservationists in common causes. The importance of the ?rin delta means that the proposed development plans are among the worst current environmental threats in Norway. Reclamation of the area within the breakwater will mean that Norway will break several of the international conventions to which it is a signatory nation, said Proact founder David Conlin.Help to prevent this planning being executed by protesting to the local authorities and expressing your concern to the responsible Norwegian ministries and news media at: http://www.proactnow.org/localcampaigns/id19.html

4th July 2014