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Postcodes for Birds?

Birds on your doorstep at http://www.postcodebirds.bto.org

Fascinating local bird counts are now available on the British Trust for Ornithology`s website, providing information for writers and garden birdwatchers. If you want to know which garden bird species are commonest in gardens in your local area then hit http://www.postcodebirds.bto.org We know that hundreds of thousands of people watch birds in their gardens and many keep a list of the species they have seen. Currently, some 16,000 people keep a systematic year-round list of the birds visiting their gardens for the BTO/CJ Garden BirdWatch. These observations have now been made available on the Internet, providing people with the chance to compare their own sightings with those from other gardens locally. Nothing could be simpler - type in your postcode or select a county and away you go. House Sparrows down but Goldfinches rocket
Not only this, but through the other Garden BirdWatch pages, it is possible to display graphs showing how the different species have faired over the years, and maps showing where particular species have been recorded during the last ten weeks. This adds up to great resource for all those interested in garden birds.Where to find the information you need
To find out which species are increasing/decreasing in gardens:http://www.postcodebirds.bto.org/ To find out which are the common birds in your local area: http://www.bto.org/gbw/results_speciestrends.htm To view maps showing where species have been seen: http://www.bto.org/gbw/results_speciesmaps.htm To find out background information on the different species: http://www.bto.org/gbw/BIRDS_ABOUT.htm

4th July 2014