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Migrants are on their way to the UK!

BTO Migration Watch first records in?

The first Sandwich Terns of the spring have been recorded in Guernsey (21st Feb) and Brighton & Hove (22nd Feb), the first Wheatear has been seen in Lancashire on 26th February, the first Garganey in Hampshire on the 2nd March and the first Sand Martins in Dorset on the 5th March. For many birdwatchers it will a few weeks before the first spring migrants arrive on their patch, but in the meantime there is plenty to record with good flocks of Fieldfare, Redwing and Brambling being reported throughout Britain and Ireland. Some recorders are lucky enough to have Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs in their garden and are sending in lots of exciting records.We are keen to encourage you to submit your records to the website even if you haven`t recorded any migrants yet. By submitting records from your birdwatching trips during the early part of the spring we know that you havebeen out there looking for migrants but haven`t recorded any yet. The best way to submit your general birdwatching records is to use the `Full list` that contains all the species that you are likely to see. Alternatively, you can use the `Short list` and just tick the resident species at the bottom of the list that you have seen. Using lists means that we have a scientifically sound approach to gathering records.Can you help us promote Migration Watch? Please tell your birdwatching friends about Migration Watch and encourage them to take part. If they don` t have access to the Internet perhaps you could offer to submit their records for them? We are always looking for good publicity opportunities, so if you have any good media contacts (radio, newspapers or TV) then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me at migwatch.organiser@bto.org You will be pleased to hear that the Migration Watch website has been featured as `Website of the month` in the March issue of BBC Wildlife magazine.Forgotten your password? If you have forgotten your password but remember your user name please use this link to get a reminder:http://blx1.bto.org/migwatch/login/password-reminder.jsp?Refresh=true If you can`t remember your user name or password please e-mail web.support@bto.org to ask for these. Please include your full name, address and postcode so we can track you down and return the correct information. You wouldn`t believe how many M Smith`s we have on our system! I wish you good birdwatching this spring!

Dawn Balmer
Migration Watch Organiser

4th July 2014