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Decrease in Red Kite numbers?

a conservationist is appealing for a meeting of interested parties?

In various articles it has been suggested that the Red Kite Milvus milvus is in trouble. The species has declined in most of its breeding range in recent years. In France activities have been started to change this trend, but international cooperation is needed to achieve this.Bernd Meyburg proposes a meeting of interested persons during the forthcoming raptor world conference in Budapest in May to discuss this problem and would appreciate it if anybody interested could identify themselves and let him know if they would be willing to contribute by reporting on the status, population changes, management activities etc. in their region.Last year a resolution was passed at an international raptor meeting aiming at better protection in Spain - any hints on how this could be achieved would be greatly appreciated.Contact Bernd Meyburg WWGBP@aol.com see: http://www.Raptors-International.de

4th July 2014