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Coup at BSA….

Full story follows…
11th Jan 2001

More breaking news on the peanut controversy… isn't it time we heard from the RSPB on this one? They are still endorsing CJWildbirdfood and their stance on peanut safety… see the press release below… all verrrry interrrresting… At a meeting on November 15th the BSA have unanimously accepted the resignation of their Chairman and founder member, Chris Whittles and also unanimously terminated the membership of his Company, C J Wildbird Foods Ltd, a mail order and trading company specialising in Wild Bird Care foods and accessories. Paris Natar (Gardman Ltd) and Simon King (John E Haith Ltd) were then voted in as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.A spokesman for the BSA gave the reason for this as ?Several alarmist and, in the Association?s opinion, incorrect views that were expressed by CJW to the press as well as in their catalogue and on their website. It was felt that these statements were made from a commercial perspective rather than in the interests of our Wild Bird population, and other responsible members? businesses had been disrupted by the resultant confusion among the trade and consumers at large. The members also felt that many wild birds could suffer unnecessarily as a consequence of these statements given that many consumers could be deterred from feeding due to a perceived but non-existent danger.?The BSA plan to significantly widen their scope and membership in future and will be changing the meaning of their association?s name from ?Birdfood Standards Association? to ?Birdcare Standards Association?. The spokesman added that ?determining the quality of Bird Food, from content to avoidance of harmful substances such as aflatoxins, is good, but not enough. Premature garden bird deaths are the result of a variety of causes including diseases such as E-coli and Salmonella. We want to educate the Trade and the Consumer on the best ways of feeding wild birds so as to avoid unnecessary deaths in future?. ?As the new Chairman, my aim is to encourage more suppliers to join what will now become a much more active and useful BSA, which is of course in the interests not only of our wild bird population, but also in those of the Industry as a whole. We now intend to set the right standards as well as to police them. Responsible suppliers will therefore gain enormously while others risk becoming marginalized. We also look forward to working closely with the U.K.?s leading ornithological charities and scientists, in plotting the correct course for our Industry in the future? said Paris NatarFor more information contact:
Simon King on 01472 358955 or Paris Natar on 01406 372222

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