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New US Record Set

In Texas, on April 18th, 2001 a team of four Canadians identified 233 species of birds in one day, toppling the long standing 23 year old North American birding 'big day' record. The original record of 231 species verified in a single calendar day was set in California on April 29th, 1978. The record breaking team, sponsored by Kowa Optics, was comprised of four Canadians, all from Ontario: Tom Hince, Paul Pratt, Bruce Di Labio, and designated driver Ethan Meleg. "The Canucks" chose a route based in south Texas in mid April where the combination of arriving spring migrants, tropical residents, and lingering winter birds make for rich birding opportunities. For full story turn to our Listing & Racing section - "Big Days" page.

4th July 2014