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Malta Bird of Prey Camp…

…international pressure is beginning to lead to action!

Justin Vassallo, BirdLife Malta, who recently took a group of the ALE (the police enforcement unit) on a visit sponsored by NABU to the anti-poachers unit in Italy, and following this organised a training course sponsored by RSPB for the ALE, Maltese Armed Forces, EPD, Customs, and Airport security on bird crime, sends the following information:

The police have promised that they will be heavily patrolling as from the 20th of August. (There will be a press release on that day). The best deterrent would, of course, be for more birders to come to the camp. We have had a great response from all over Europe. Birders are coming from: England (10), Germany (9), Italy(1), Sweden (1), Finland(1), and possibly even more from Germany, Netherlands, and Italy. In fact the camp is fully booked from 5-18th, and 5 places left for the period 18-23, which we are still hoping to fill up.The Camp to protect the birds of prey migrating through Malta from Maltese hunters is getting underway soon. Due to the efforts of locals with international support (much of it generated by Proact) this year there will be a police presence. The Maltese government, very sensitive to how their reputation could effect tourism is now beginning to listen and even start to take some tentative action. Proact say - Keep up the pressure!See the Malta page for further details of how you can help.

4th July 2014