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Bird Count

Help Save The World`s Threatened Birds…
…By Going Birding This October!

BirdLife International, Wild Bird Society of Japan (BirdLife in Japan), with the sponsorship of NTT-ME (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Corporation - Multimedia Engineering), are holding the 7th NTT-ME World Bird Count. This activity is part of the World Bird Festival event. NTT-ME will make a donation of 1000 Yen (about ?5 or US$7.40c) to BirdLife`s Threatened Species Fund for every species, up to a maximum of 5 million Yen.The NTT-ME World Bird Count will take place throughout October. All the bird lists must be sent to the "NTT-ME World Bird Count" office by November 20th: Email: wbc@wnn.or.jp
Facsimile +81(42) 593-6873
http://www.wnn.or.jp/wbc_e/The information you should include is:
1. List of bird species seen or heard between October 1 and 31, 2001
2. Date of birdwatching trip
3. Location of birdwatching
4. Country
5. Your name (main observer)
6. Numbers of observers (if you are in a group)
7. E-mail address
8. Fax number
9. Comments about your birdwatching trip

4th July 2014