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Sparrows are chirpier!

Some (mostly) good news on house sparrows for a change…

The Independent`s Paul Kelbie - Scotland Correspondent - reports that the fall in numbers of Scottish House Sparrows has gone into reverse with a 17% rise in numbers over the last year. A new survey by the British Trust for Ornithology`s Garden Bird Watch programme, has discovered a surprising rise in the species` fortunes north of the border. Fatbirder reported the rapid decline in the UK some time ago, especially in our cities ? with reasons still being unclear as to why. It may be greater effort by the public with provision of nest boxes and birdfeed has helped to halt the decline.

Before we get too excited let us bear in mind that there has been a disastrous decline of house sparrow in central Edinburgh that mirrors exactly that in Central London. So, the mystery of why they are disappearing from cities continues… The Independent continues to offer a prize of ?15,000 for the first paper published in a peer-reviewed reputable scientific journal, which, in the opinion of their referees, convincingly accounts for the disappearance of the house sparrow from Britain`s towns and cities.

4th July 2014