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Kenya Forest Excision

From a recent email

Right now, less than 3% of Kenya`s land is forested. Yet the Government has just authorised the destruction of more than 170,000 acres of the forest that remains. Sections of the Eastern Mau forest, Western Mau, Nakuru, Nabkoi, Mount Kenya, Marmanet, North Tinderet, Mount Londiani, South Nandi, Molo, Kapsaret. The total area is equal to the whole of Nairobi Province, or 65 times the size of Karura forest.Even in our long history of forest destruction, the massive scale of these excisions is unprecedented. And they will be disastrous for all of us. Our country desperately needs to hang on to the forests we have left. Without them, droughts will get worse, power shortages will increase, food production will suffer, tourism will decline. If we do not protect our remaining forests, Kenya will become progressively thirstier, hungrier, uglier and poorer. The forest excisions are like an axe hanging over the future of our country. Don`t let it fall.Register your protest. Join the fight to save our forests by adding your name to the petition sending a copy of the list so far to eawls@kenyaweb.com, and forward it to as many Kenyans and well-wishers as possible to do the same. [Contact this email address for a copy of the petition]You can also contact the Kenya Forests Working Group, P O Box 20110, Nairobi. Tel/Fax 571335.

4th July 2014