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Hungry for Italian food?

Hungarian birds exploited for Italian tables…

Lajos N?meth reports that after some weeks of investigation seven people were arrested by the Hungarian police and are awaiting trial. They are linked to a huge bird massacre by Italian hunters in November last year - the worst ever in Hungary. The results of the investigation show that altogether 150 hunters were involved through the Italian based Green Sports Ltd and they were helped by 19 Hungarian hunting companies. Most of the specimens were killed by shotgun, or trapped in mist nets, and most of them were attracted by tape luring, etc.The total number of the murdered birds is established at 11,668 specimens belonging to 30 different species (many endangered), including Corncrakes and Ferruginous Ducks. Their nature conservation value was calculated declared, according to Hungarian law, to be US$3,850,000 (the commercial value would be much more).The birds were allegedly killed for South Italian restaurants, where they make special foods from the breast of larks, or pat? from the tongues of some Passerines.

I am sure that all Fatbirder users will share my disgust.

4th July 2014