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Safe Peanuts - Haiths Press Release

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11th Jan 2001

Haith?s have been selling safe peanuts for over 40 years, and supply only the highest quality. Our peanuts are carefully selected and tested to ensure that they surpass all standards for feeding purposes of all kinds-not only for wild birds-our nuts are used by bird breeders, bird keepers and pigeon fanciers. They are clean and fresh, and are only packed on receipt of your order. Peanuts are a very nutritious food with a high-energy value, and ideal for wild birds that need a concentrated source of nourishment, especially in bad weather conditions.There has been recent publicity regarding peanuts contaminated with mould leading to the development of poisonous substances namely aflatoxins. Please note this generally only occurs when nuts are subject to abnormal levels of moisture and extreme high temperatures in their country of origin, usually shortly after harvesting when the nuts are still soft. To our suppliers knowledge there is NO WORLDWIDE CROP CONTAMINATION! We are aware however that one or two suppliers are using this very serious subject to justify aggressive price increases. We only obtain our supplies from leading specialists in the peanut markets, which are expert buyers with experience of crops worldwide, and ensure the quality of our peanuts before shipment.Once the peanuts have been delivered to our premises, we extract samples of peanuts to send away to an independent laboratory for testing. Recent batches have been barely measurable with levels detected at less than 0.5 parts per billion. This is 3.5 parts per billion less than the human consumption benchmark and 19.5 ppb less than the accepted industry maximum. Or to put it another way less than 0.5 of a poppy seed in an Olympic sized swimming pool!Provided your nuts are stored in dry conditions with even temperatures and purchased from a supplier who tests for aflatoxins, they will keep for a long time and retain their maximum feeding value. The UK?s weather conditions are not conducive to the conditions that can trigger off this type of mould therefore once you are confident that your chosen supplier is testing for aflatoxins and is happy to share the results with you, you can use your peanuts with total confidence.Your birds are safe with nuts from haith?s. Simon King
J.E. Haith Ltd

4th July 2014