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National Nest Box Week 2002

National Nest Box Week is all about encouraging the public to put up nest boxes…

National Nest Box Week 2002The British Trust for Ornithology is once again organising National Nest Box Week for the 14 - 21 February 2002. National Nest Box Week is all about encouraging the public to put up nest boxes, either ones they have made themselves or bought, to improve gardens and other habitats for nesting birds. It is all about making a difference for our nation`s birds. This year`s National Nest Box Week theme will focus on House Sparrows and ways of encouraging them to nest in bird boxes. It was not that long ago that the House Sparrow was one of the commonest nesting birds in urban Britain. However, numbers have declined by 43% since 1968 and in some areas the species has become a rare sight. The practical designs that are included in this year`s hint sheet include a hole nesting box, suitable for House Sparrows, and other small hole nesting species as well as an open nesting variety which will be particularly appealing to Robins and flycatchers. The BTO, with the help of the founding sponsor Jacobi Jayne & Co. will be producing a helpful hint sheets detailing some interesting facts about House Sparrows and all you need to know about building hole nesting and open-fronted nest boxes as well as a list of commonly asked Questions and Answers about nest boxes.A new feature of this year`s National Nest Box Week will include an events list of nest box building activities across the UK that will be posted up on the BTO web site. Many Wildlife Trusts, local RSPB groups and other conservation bodies hold workshops over the week in hands-on nest box making classes. For those interested in joining in or finding out more about what`s happening locally all they have to do is look on the BTO web site and look up the nearest event taking place to them.For copies of these hint sheets, which will be available in early February, please send your name and address to NNBW, FREEPOST 1155, Canterbury, CT3 4BR or visit http://www.bto.org/ If you want details of how to build other sorts of boxes, the BTO`s definitive guide to nest boxes, Nestboxes, is available from:
BTO Collection, Freepost 1155, Canterbury, CT3 4BR or phone on 0800 072 0130. It costs ?5.95 including post and packaging. Chris Mead, originator of the concept of National Nest Box Week said: No garden, however small is really complete without some nest boxes. The most successful are those for tits - they love them - but many other species of birds, bats, hedgehogs and all sort of insects can also be accommodated. Everyone should become a landlord by providing rented homes for the birds - you provide the nest box, they provide the enjoyment for you. Nest boxes are great fun for us but there is a serious side to them. Many places do not have natural nest sites available and so the birds need artificial holes. But these may not be safe, big enough or warm enough. By using our recommended designs you know they will have BTO five star rooms!For further information contact:
Jeff Baker 01842 750050 - E-mail: jeff.baker@bto.org (office hours)
Chris Mead on 01760 756466 - E-mail: chris.mead@zetnet.co.uk (anytime)
Nick Carter 01842 750050 - E-mail: nick.carter@bto.org (office hours)

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