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Expedition Investigates Parrot Clay Lick in Peruvian Amazon

?the study`s results will give decision-makers in Peru valuable information on how to manage this natural resource?

Biosphere Expeditions Research Team Discovers And Investigates Parrot Clay Lick In The Peru AmazonIn July 2001 a research team from Biosphere Expeditions returned from the rain forest of Peru where they have discovered a parrot clay lick untouched by human tourist activity. The Tambopata region is the only place in the world where parrots eat clay from riverbank mud cliffs. No one really knows why parrots, including macaws, do this, but it is likely that the clay particles remove from their stomachs toxins ingested with their diet of fruits and nuts.The team constructed trails and hides at the clay lick, and over a period of six weeks studied the parrots` behaviour, their feeding habits and which species assembled at the site. On some days the expedition team saw well over 100 birds of several parrot species, all feeding at or gathering around the clay lick! The data collected by the expedition will now be published and will serve as important baseline information for clay lick behaviour and activity at an untouched site for comparison with sites where tourists are taken to see this amazing natural spectacle. This type of eco-tourism has become essential to the regional economy and the study`s results will give decision-makers in Peru valuable information on how to manage this natural resource in a sustainable way.Biosphere Expeditions is an organisation that runs wildlife conservation research expeditions to all corners of the Earth, placing ordinary people with no research experience alongside scientists who are at the forefront of conservation work. They also send an expedition leader with every project and Dr. Matthias Hammer, the leader of this expedition and founder of Biosphere Expeditions is very pleased that we were able to discover and study this site, and lucky enough to witness this incredible natural display on an almost daily basis.S?an Morgan and Oscar Campbell, two expedition team members from the UK, agree: We really had a wonderful time. We had very high expectations for this trip and they were all more than met; we would not hesitate to do something like this again and it was great to be involved like that. Other members of the expedition team, in-country for 3 x 2 week blocks, recruited from all kinds of backgrounds, of all ages and encompassing 8 nations (England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Surinam, & Peru), agree, and are thrilled that their expedition contribution and the work they have put in has made this all possible.

Full details and photo http://www.biosphere-expeditions.org/media/E25Jul2001.html

4th July 2014