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Watch Out For Wheatears!

?then Swallows, Nightingales and Swifts

Calling all birdwatchers! From 1 March, BTO (The British Trust for Ornithology) and BirdWatch Ireland want you to look out for African immigrants. An estimated 16 million birds will arrive in Britain and Ireland before the end of June! The first arrivals will be Wheatears, having already travelled 2,500 miles.What is involved?

Migration Watch is easy; it will appeal to birdwatchers of all abilities. The project is web-based so anyone with access to the Internet can take part (but you don?t need a computer at home; contact UK Online (0800 771234) for information about your nearest centre with internet facilities). Daily, weekly or just casual records can be entered onto a specially designed web page. Interested volunteers can find out more by looking at the BTO website http://www.bto.org/migwatch or by sending an e-mail to migrationwatch@bto.org Select a site that you visit regularly from March to June and take a note of the birds you see or hear as often as you can. Choose your back garden, the local park where you walk the dog or even the route you walk to work. When the excitement of March is over, there is April to look forward to and a whole host of new species arriving on our shores. Will the birds arrive early this year? Migration Watch, which is sponsored by Northumbrian Water Limited, will unravel the facts!Every night the BTO?s Migration Watch computer will produce up-to-the-minute maps showing the arrival and spread of common migrants across the country. Birdwatchers will be able to see their own records reflected in the map the day after they submit them!For further information please contact:
Dawn Balmer 01842 750050 or E-mail: dawn.balmer@bto.org during office hours
Graham Appleton 01842 750050 or E-mail: graham.appleton@bto.org during office hours
Chris Mead 01760 756466 or E-mail: chris.mead@zetnet.co.uk anytime.
Or for information about Migration Watch in the Republic of Ireland contact: Oran O?Sullivan, BirdWatch Ireland, 8 Longford Place, Monkstone, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tel: +353 12804322 E-mail: bird@indigo.ie

4th July 2014