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US Power Line Fix To Protect Birds…

US Power Line Fix To Protect BirdsA utility company has agreed to fix any power lines that could electrocute migratory birds, especially raptors. The Justice Department said its agreement with Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy was the first of its kind. Xcel will evaluate over 90,000 miles of power lines in 12 US States, then fix any equipment that might kill or injure birds. Birds with large wingspans, such as raptors, run the highest risk of electrocution when they close a circuit between two wires. (Incidentally this often causes transmission problems to customers). The electrocutions can be prevented by widening the space between power lines and making more attractive perches away from dangerous locations, federal officials said. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that collisions with communications towers and other power-related obstacles kill tens of thousands of birds in the United States each year, which has contributed to the declines of nearly 300 bird species in the US.

4th July 2014