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Beautiful Just Birding?

South Africa at its best?

Beautiful Just Birding struck me as a terrific name for a birding company when I met the owner operator John McAllister last May. He was helping us out (us being the disabled birders association) by guiding us around for two weeks in Kenya. His only explanation was that birding has been his life for many years, his love, his profession and now his business. He is an excellent guide, quick to find and ID birds and just as quick to correct it if he gets it wrong? almost inevitable with some of the African Cisticolas that can often only be separated in the hand or by location. As John is a South African he occasionally called one wrong in Kenya ? not a mistake he makes at home in the state of Mpumalanga, or anywhere else where he leads tailor-made tours in South Africa.He was a good guide and a great bloke, one of those big burly but quiet even-tempered types at home anywhere he finds himself. So, when I put up pages on South Africa`s individual states I said I`d run an ad for his company ? its good when you know someone that you can thoroughly recommend to the world.So, if you have ever wanted to take in the delights of South Africa going where you want then get in touch with John ? there has never been a better time with the Rand at an all time low against the dollar, Euro and pound sterling.See his adds on my KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga pages - just click on South Africa then scroll down to the map for each state.

The Fatbirder

4th July 2014