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Proact calls for International Birding for Cliffe?

Proact International today announced its support for the campaign to prevent a site of international importance for birds being considered for another airport for London.Proact sent the following message to its supporters? With England now leading in terms of the number of members, [although not the league table in terms of proportional representation, that honour now belongs to Malta] an appeal has gone out for backing from all Proact Team members and occasional supporters. We will show our solidarity via email and encourage Birding @ Cliffe or, for those unable to make it to Kent for whatever reason, Big Sits on their favourite patch or even in their own gardens. David Conlin said in Berlin today; we cannot just sit back and watch a European government ignore the needs of wildlife right after it has passed legislation that limits the people`s right to protest. We do not believe citizens in the UK will allow such cynical disregard for England`s green and pleasant land.He went on to say Let`s set up a Cliffe Tick List and see how many species we get together worldwide as pledges for the campaign no underway under the auspices of the RSPB.With hundreds of members outside the UK in over 50 countries and all 5 inhabited continents, the NO AIRPORT @ CLIFFE CAMPAIGN HQ can brace itself for emails of support from Adelaide to Zanzibar - and, under the motto BIRD 4 CLIFFE at http://www.proactnow.org/localcampaigns/id15.html reckon with some pretty exotic species lists.

4th July 2014