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UK Armchair volunteers needed…

Can you tell a Blue Tit from a Blackbird?

UK Armchair volunteers needed
Can you tell a Blue Tit from a Blackbird?As the end of World Volunteering Week approaches, the BTO would like to ask for your support of a national volunteer-based project that works towards the conservation of our bird populations. This project, called Garden BirdWatch, monitors the changing fortunes of our garden birds.Gardens are becoming increasingly important places for birds and many people take an interest in the wide range of species that use their gardens. Some people put out food, others erect nest boxes and some keep a simple record of their feathered visitors. We would like more people to tell us about the common birds living in and visiting their gardens.Garden BirdWatch is a national project that runs throughout the year. With the help of 15,000 volunteers across the country the BTO has learned that, for instance, Long-tailed Tits are most common in January and Great Spotted Woodpeckers are most dependent upon gardens in June. They have also seen alarming declines in House Sparrows and Starlings, particularly in towns, and it is essential that they find out why the numbers of these species have been going down.If you enjoy watching birds in your garden then you can help, and at the same time learn more about garden birds, by joining Garden BirdWatch. To find out what is involved, please send for the free enquiry pack from:

GBW Volunteers,

4th July 2014