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Fatbirder’s Pick of the Year

Bouquets for Best Buys

Harrier Jacket from Country Innovation – came back into its own at this end of the year… I found that it can cope well with icy winds and is ideal worn over or under a body warmer – gets my vote as the best clothing item I acquired this year.

Garden Pole System (with patio base) from Jacobi Jayne - best bit of kit for the birds this year… it means I can feed the messy birds over the crazy paving making it easier to clean up after and ensuring a lot less weeds springing up where the ground socket sits!

Finding Birds in Lapland from Easy Birder - Dave Gosneys guides are the very best when contemplating ‘going it alone’ on an overseas birding trip… this one was to an area I don’t know and is a great example of Dave’s gentle style and richly informative DVD & Booklet combo.

Birdwatcher’s Yearbook from Buckingham Press - Essential gazetteer, birding encyclopedia and logbook all in one – not birder’s Christmas stocking is complete without one.

The Biggest Twitch from Helm - For my money this was the birding read of the year, mouthwatering birds, exotic locations, listing writ large, a race against time and full of good humour too.

Swarovision from Swarovski Optik - The most desirable optics, albeit at a frightening price… just when you thought bins couldn’t get better Swarovski moved the goalposts again.