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Birdwatcher’s Diary™

…speaks for itself

The other day I was queuing at the bank; in front of me was a teenaged girl dressed in pink from head to foot who was chatting with her mate. At the same time she was texting on her iPhone at the speed of light. I couldn’t believe how fast her fingers moved and was stunned that it was so easy for her that it only needed one corner of her mind.

At nearly 62 years old and with fat fingers I find a lot of stuff for small devices a problem. If I stand with my tongue gripped between my lips in concentration with a furrowed brow and sweat dripping from me it takes me about a week to text my son ‘LO’.

Apps for recording are not really for the likes of me and so I’m going to let this product speak for itself. I am told by others that this is a good product and it certainly seems feature rich, but I’d be lying if I said I knew from experience. Hells teeth guys, I’ve given up on ALL listing software and keep my own world list on an excel sheet! I’m thinking of getting some clever young people to develop software for me, because I want something that does what I want rather than three million other things I don’t even understand!

As they were, afterall, good enough to supply the app, here is what the chaps at Stevens Creek Software say themselves:Whether you are participating in a Christmas or summer bird count, doing a birdathon or “big day”, a veteran “lister”, or are just looking for an easy way to record and review your daily bird sightings, Birdwatcher’s Diary™ for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is the perfect birdwatcher's field companion! Fast and easy to use, yet also extremely powerful, Birdwatcher’s Diary will enrich your birding experience. In seconds, you can make a note of birds you see or hear, including time and exact location (both automatically recorded), with additional field notes if you wish. Later, you can review the sightings as a list or on a map, and upload the recorded information to desktop software and online databases like eBird, and view your sightings on Google Maps. And Stevens Creek Software donates 50% of the proceeds from this software to support the conservation, research and education work of local bird organizations!

Here's a summary of its features:* A simple tap marks the bird as seen. If you are counting birds, further taps increment the count, with a built-in calculator available for large increments.

* Enhanced Intelliscrollª switches between one- and two-letter alphabet tabs for superfast scrolling to the desired bird; no need to scroll through 100 birds starting with "S".

* Sightings can be marked as visual or "heard only".

* Built-in, user-configurable "phrase list" makes adding notes to your sightings ("Breeding plumage", "Juvenile", etc.) a simple matter of tapping and not typing.

* Coordinates can be recorded automatically for every bird (GPS-equipped unit recommended) or only for specific sightings.

* Recording of information (time, coordinates) for multiple sightings of the same species is optional (default records information only for the first sighting).

* Sort birds by Last Name, First Name, Bird Banding Code, Time Seen, or Taxonomic Order.

* Quickly switch between viewing all birds, only those seen or heard, or only those not seen or heard. View sightings at all locations or only the current location.

* Add "trip notes" to each day's sightings.

* Save and recall daily sightings directly on the iPhone.

* Create "life lists" of all your recorded sightings, or filtered life lists restricted by country, state, county, birding location, date, or by words or phrases in the trip notes (e.g., "Audubon trip") or the sighting notes (e.g., "Breeding pair").

* Output data via ftp, email, clipboard, or file sharing via iTunes using standard (eBird, Google Maps) or custom formats.

* View sightings on a map on the device, or upload the information and create your own custom Google Map to view from a desktop.

* Preconfigured with U.S., U.K., and Mexican bird lists, but easily loaded with any custom list, with the ability to add (or delete) birds from the list. Input master lists from simple text files. Many state and country lists already available for downloading.

By installing (or simply entering) new lists, software can be used for sightings of anything - birds, reptiles, mammals, etc.