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Finding Birds in Mallorca…

Watch the DVD and do NOT forget to take the booklet with you!

The New Book & DVD

By Dave Gosney | Easybirder | 2012 | Book Edition: 3 | ISBN: 9781907316388 | Paperback | 37 Pages | 19 Maps & The DVD (Region 2) | Run Time 72 Minutes | ISBN: 9781907316395

Publisher’s Overview:

Finding Birds in Mallorca: The New Book is a complete rewrite of the previous edition from 1996. It describes the best birding sites in exceptional detail, made clearer by Dave Gosney's trademark maps.

The 72-minute DVD covers over 75 species at 18 sites throughout Mallorca, with the emphasis on the most popular birding areas around Port de Pollenca and the Albufera. Of course it includes footage of many of Mallorca's best birds including Black Vulture, Audouin's Gull, Moustached Warbler, Red-knobbed Coot, Thekla Lark and Marbled Duck plus all 3 endemic species (Balearic Warbler, Balearic Shearwater and Moltoni's Warbler) and some endemic races such as the Crossbill, Spotted Flycatcher, and Woodchat Shrike.Fatbirder View

I looked forward to the update as one of my first overseas birding trips was to Mallorca where I used Dave's booklet to find birds on the island… very successfully. It is a unique place in the med… a prime migration refuelling post, with extensive wetlands and without a totally trigger-happy populace. Every schoolchild must visit the Albufera reserves every year thus getting them early enough to care. Dave's little booklet with its idiosyncratic maps was a real boon. Eleanora's Falcons at the Marsh, Mammora's Warblers (now Balearic Warbler) on the rocky scrub and Audouin's Gulls on the beach all gave themselves up without much trouble. We followed the book's directions to the Rock Thrush quarry and dipped out but made up for our disappointment with Black Vulture passing overhead like an flying barn door, had spectacled warbler at 10 feet and spotted a nesting pair of Sub-Alpine warblers. His directions made it all easy down to Alpine Swifts over a monastery and Bee-eaters near a water treatment works.

It was a pleasure to re-visit these haunts and the splendid Bocca Valley in David's latest DVD. Yes things have changed but not all for the worse (although I must find out if disabled birders can still drive to the Albefura visitor centre). Clearly some sites have been enhanced and still more made safe for the next generation.

I've been a fan of these DVDs forever. There is no irrelevant and distracting music. Dave's unedited but fluent dialogue is not only informative but shows his never waning enthusiasm too. No sing song voice or pretentions presenters intonation… just David's soft northern vowels and hushed reverence.

Do NOT go to Mallorca without watching the DVD and do NOT forget to take the booklet with you!

PS - I got an armchair tick watching the DVD - turns out the nesting Sub-Alpine warblers are likely to be split as Moltoni's Warbler!


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