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Hadrian’s Wildlife

…plenty here for anyone who likes to see what our nation has to offer

By John Miles | Whittles Publishing | Paperback | 2012 | ISBN: 9781849950633 | 150 pages | 16 Plates - Colour & Black & White Photos & Illustrations

Publisher’s Overview:

Built in the years AD122-30 by order of the Emperor Hadrian 'to separate Romans from Barbarians', Hadrian's Wall was 73 miles long, running from Wallsend-on-Tyne to Bowness on the Solway Firth. It was originally almost 5 metres high with 16 large forts along its length and is the largest Ancient Monument in northern Europe.

Following the author's previous successful book, Hadrian's Wildlife has been enriched and expanded with additional information on wildlife and Roman history. When standing on the WHO site of Hadrian's Wall, many visitors may wonder what the area would have looked like during Roman times. Bringing the bird remains from Roman digs into view reveals which species were living then as well as what the landscape looked like. Although some species such as white-tailed eagle and common crane are no longer found here, others including nuthatch, hobby and little egret have colonized the area.

Living close to Hadrian's Wall, the author has explored its many habitats from the Solway Firth across to the east coast. Many of these wildlife sites have a Roman influence from old forts to the gathering of pearls from the oysters that are found on the North Tyne.

Hadrian's Wildlife will encourage visitors to the area to enjoy and appreciate the wide selection of these habitats on a year-round basis. This invaluable guide to the many and varied attractions of the area will take the reader on a voyage of discovery and will be an essential companion for visitors.Introduction

- History of the birds
- The Solway Estuary
- The Solway Mosses
- The Solway Marshes
- The river course
- Silvanus god of the forest
- Geltsdale
- Birdoswald and up the Irthing
- The heather moorland
- The crags
- The loughs
- Chollerford Bean Field
- Kielder
- Down the Tyne
- Kittiwake City
- Hadrian's Kite project
- Thomas Bewick
- A monthly guide around the Wall
- List of bird species found in Roman times

References and further reading

The Author

John Miles is a wildlife consultant, tour leader and is the author of Hadrian's Birds, Exploring Lakeland's Wildlife, Pharaoh's Birds and The Solway.

Fatbirder View

I don’t think I would have looked out for this book or even picked it up in a bookshop – which is a shame as the mixture of history, geography and wildlife notes makes for a pleasant read and almost a ‘where to watch wildlife’ guide to the area. It moves along quickly enough to hold the interest and there’s plenty here for anyone who likes to see what our nation has to offer. Buy this book from www.nhbs.com