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Britain’s Freshwater Fishes

Full of brilliant photographs of the nations freshwater fish

Birders often ask me to cover other wildlife guides for when they are in the field… I shall be adding more such reviews such as this one from guest reviewer Ashley Beolens (…now where have I come across that name?)

Britain’s Freshwater Fishes by Mark Everard | 144 pages | Wildguides | Paperback | 2013 | ISBN: 978-0-691-15678-1|

I am a bit of a walking contradiction I am opposed to hunting but I do fish, I know. But I also have a collecting nature and that comes out in wanting to see as many types of wildlife as I can. One area I lack skills would be fish (I actually didn't know how bad my ID skills were till I read this book, I didn't know there were 53 types of freshwater fish in Britain!). So when the opportunity arose to review another wildguides ID guide I jumped at the chance.

The Photography

As I have mentioned in my other reviews of the wildguides series the great thing about them is they are stuffed full of cracking photographs, and this one is no different in that matter. However being as these are fish the photography is mainly underwater and it is incredible for that reason alone.

The ID Guide

Covering all 53 Fish found in freshwater in Britain this book really serves well to help those wildlife enthusiasts or fishermen who really want to know what they are looking at in the waterways of this wonderful isle.

Each species account details all you could want to know to be able to find and identify the fish in question, detailing all common names and scientific names, guides to identification the ecology, conservation and information on how common (or rare) the species is, it won't help you catch them if that is your want, but that isn't what the book is for.

But there is more to this book than just identifying the fish, the Salmon section gives you great advice about where to go to see them leaping up stream, there are guides to habitats and much more, there is even a section at the rear of the book for fish that were once thought to be part of the living world in Britain but now are thought to be made up!


Full of brilliant photographs of the nations freshwater fish this is an ideal book for those who enjoy identifying what they see from wildlife enthusiasts to fishermen alike, knowing what you see is half the fun and this book is great for that.

Published by Wild Guides/Princeton Press and available at these locations - http://www.wildguides.co.uk/ or Princeton Press

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Guest Reviewer: Ashley Beolens

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